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At Hoa Sen, we’re a real Vietnamese family - loud and affectionate. At the same time, we also love celebrating life – never without a selection of great food.

One of the inspirations behind the idea of opening a family restaurant was the sentimental memories of our own family feasts. The essential part, that always brought family and friends together was the food - made with a blend of love, family tradition and a lot of dedication behind the meal preparations. The food had a joyous effect, bringing laughter to the table, and influencing spirited toasts to making new memories together whilst dining.

We wanted to find a way to share this experience with others…

At Hoa Sen, we want everybody to feel welcome as soon as they pass through our doors, and for a moment feel like a part of our endless family feast.

So….We welcome you to our restaurant and hope you will love our little Vietnamese corner in Covent Garden, and don't hesitate to share your dining experience with us! :-)

dinner at Hoa Sen

Our first meal together for the opening of Hoa Sen!

Who we are?​

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